Quality Gifts made by People like You!

It's easy to sell your hand-made items on ShineOnGifts. All you need to do is:

Send pictures, product descriptions and your brief biography along with the quantity you have available to sell. State the $(dollar) amount you want for each item. Remember, the items have to be made by YOU!  Also, include your contact information.  If your product is approved for ShineOnGifts' platform, it will be featured onsite.  (There is a brief contract to sign stating the dollar amount reimbursement per item).

Once an order is placed for your product, we will contact you and give you the information you need to ship out the gift. Save the shipping receipts. Once the customer has received the item and is satisfied with the condition, you will be paid by ShineOnGifts. It's that easy!

Does ShineOnGifts take a portion of the $ amount, how does ShineOnGifts get paid?

ShineOnGifts will mark up the $ amount you list to compensate for the cost of the advertising, site maintenance and 5% net profit donation to Children's Healthcare or your requested charity.

Who pays for the shipping? Should I include it in the price I want?

After you ship the product, email  a photocopy of the postage receipt. You will be reimbursed for the shipping type requested. ie, Please do NOT send overnight or specialty shipping if customer requested standard 5-7 day USPS. Most shipping will be 5-7 days USPS.

When do I get paid?

Once the customer receives the product in satisfactory condition, ShineOnGifts will send you a check for the amount you stated and the shipping.  
*ShineOnGifts.com is based in Georgia. Sales Tax will be charged on shipments within the State of Georgia.  ShineOnGifts.com holds a valid Sales and Use Tax Account with the State of Georgia and will pay the applicable Georgia Sales Tax.

Any other questions? Please email them to ShineOnGifts@gmail.com or here using our contact us form.