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Privacy Policy

1. Personal Information That We Collect Through Our Services

Information You Provide
You may visit and use many of our services on our pages without giving us any personal information about yourself. To fully use enhanced/special services that we offer, you may need to give us personal information in order for these services to properly function.

The following is a list of personal information — provided to us by you — that we may collect:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Telephone Number
  • Birth Date
  • Email Address
  • Your Payment Information
  • Other Personal Data Described Below, Part of This Privacy Policy

If such information is collected from you, typically there will be a reminder/further statement regarding your information and functionality. Additionally, there may be other instances that need other information from you, and these conditions will be provided to you either on our site or within another service/app.

2. How We Share/What We Do With Your Personal Information

If you provide your personal information, we will not sell it or share it in any way other than the ways set forth in our Privacy Policy. This includes third-party apps or services that may act on our behalf.

Aside from the specific ways listed above that we may share your information, we may also:

  • Provide services to you using your information. This may be a promotion, sweepstakes, or to add you to our postal mailing list;
  • Communicate with you electronically. This includes emails about your interplay with our site and specifically information/specials about products in which you have shown an interest — especially upon purchasing said products from us. This may also include sponsors, affiliates, and partners;
  • Third-party sharing. This may include sponsors, promotional partners, and service providers, with the goal of providing services to you. This action will follow the applicable terms presented to you at the time when you initially offered your information for the sake of the promotion, etc. This way, the third-party sponsor can properly address aspects of the promotion that is specific to you, such as contacting you if you win, or adding you to their mailing list, etc.;
  • Share your information with the owners of products on our website.  
  • Share your information with survey partners. This will allow you to receive occasional surveys to help us improve your experience with ShineOnGifts.com;
  • Share your information with membership programs. These are often third-party systems that offer rewards or loyalty programs; or
  • Share your information any other way with your permission.

3. Other Information Regarding Location-Data Collection

Location Information That We Collect
When you use our website and services, we may ask for your permission to collect your location information/data. Many apps and services — in order for them to function properly — need your location information. Without it, certain aspects of the app may not work. The type of location information that will be needed can vary, depending on the operating system and device you are using. Also, location information may consist of the method in which you are connecting to the Internet. If you allow our apps to collect your location information, we may occasionally collect it and use it within ShineOnGifts.com. Likewise, we may also share it with other parties as described in this policy.

4. Other Data That We Collect and Share Through Our Services

  • Cookies/Web Beacons

We allow and use an electronic methodology called cookies to help you with your experience on our website. Cookies are simply small bits of information stored in either your browser or on your computer. Information is exchanged such as which pages you’ve visited, as well as other browsing choices you have made on our site. This allows us to make a much more personal experience for you.

We also may use web beacons (also called pixel tags) to track your activity when you visit us. We will collect and analyze: personal information that you have authorized, your IP address, email address, your username and password that you have created for our site, the type of device that you are using, your type of operating system, your purchase history with us, the entire Uniform Resource Locator clickstream regarding our services, and products you have shown interest in by either searching for them or clicking on them.

We may use other software tools and programs to collect information about your visiting session, including page-response information, errors when downloading, how long you have spent on specific pages, your scrolling, clicking, and mouse-over data, and the methods you use to leave pages. We may allow approved third parties to access this data so you can have a comprehensive shopping cart/queue.

We employ Google AdWords, Analytics, and other Google services for remarketing purposes. When using these constructive services we are inviting Google to read cookies left by us in your browser to generate related ads on 3rd party websites, track frequency/length of page visits, and view pages explored on our website. Third party tracking enables us to grow customer appreciation by analyzing overall trends and interests of the average user.

Opt out of Google Tracking
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  • Third-Party Web Beacons, Cookies, and Advertisers

Approved third parties that advertise with/for us are often called “Network Advertisers”. They may use web beacons, cookies, etc. to collect and analyze your experience on our site to offer you products and services that are relevant to you, specifically.

  • Social

While using our services, there may be an option to connect with us socially. This may manifest itself with the ability to connect your website to ours, as well as through Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, etc. This may also include games and apps within or outside of these services. If this connection is authorized by you, we may collect, analyze, and share this information throughout our network, services, and social platforms. This may include comments you make, things you “like”/share, and videos you watch. It may also include your actions while accessing our services. Your location data, contacts list, and other social actions may also be included in the data we analyze and share.

5. Other Situations in Which We May Share Your Information

  • Information Regarding Demographics

We may share demographic information with approved third parties. This is not information that can identify you as a person, it's simply, generic demographic information.

  • Transfer of Business

If Shine On Gifts™ sells its assets or other corporate endeavors take place, customer information may be included as one of the assets.

  • Legal Disclosure

Subpoenas, warrants, etc. may legally require us to share information. Our Privacy Policy encompasses what we will share as a company on our own terms, but the law may require us to share more than what we have covered here.

6. Information Management

You can control the information you wish to share — not just on our site, but on the Internet in general. If you have an account with us, at any time you may review the terms and conditions of such an account. You can also always change your subscriptions with us regarding how we communicate with you.

If you do not wish to share cookie information with us, there are settings within your browser to adjust privacy.

When you share information on the Internet, such information may be indexed by search engines and other entities. Even after you remove such information from the source, this information may still be visible.

7. Other Data and Information

  • Spyware/Adware

We will not install any spyware or adware or anything similar. We also do not authorize any third party to operate as such.

  • Passwords and Security

Your account is protected with a username and a password for your security. We recommend creating a strong, unique password to keep your information safe and secure. We use SSL encryption to protect your data exchange.

  • Links

We may have links on our pages that take you to third-party sites that we feel may pique your interest. While we only work with approved third parties, we are not responsible for the practices of these entities. It behooves you to read the privacy policies of these other sites to ensure that they are as prudent as we are regarding your personal information. Our privacy policy only encompasses your time and actions on our site.

  • California Residents

Pursuant to California Civil Code 1798.83, the way we share your information with third parties regarding their marketing may be requested by you. For this information, please contact us at shineongifts@gmail.com

  • Children

Federal law dictates that we may not knowingly collect any personal data from children under the age of thirteen without parental or guardian consent. If we are aware that a visitor to our site falls under this age group, the child will be disallowed from using our services.

  • Contact Us Regarding Our Privacy Policy

Should you have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding our privacy policy, please contact us through the following means:


  • Changes to Our Privacy Policy

If important changes to our privacy policy occur, we will notify users online.

Shipping and Delivery

At this time, ShineOnGifts.com ships merchandise to locations within the United States and U.S. territories, including Alaska, Hawaii. The risk of loss and title for all merchandise ordered on this Web site pass to you when the merchandise is delivered to the shipping carrier.


Currently, ShineOnGifts.com does not ship outside of the United States.

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